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The Fiero Store

Specializing in factory and performance parts and accessories for your Pontiac Fiero.

Mr Mikes Fiero Leather Upholstery Kits

Fiero Leather Upholstery. Seats & More.

Rodney Dickman's Fiero Accessories

Offers Fiero and Kit Car accessories. Fabricates hard to items for your Fiero.

Fiero Sail Panels & Decals

Paul McKibben, Inc. is your source for replacement sail panels and decals for the Pontiac Fiero.


B O D Y  K I T S

Fiero Warehouse
Offers an expanded used parts list, PLUS new Fiero parts, fiberglass accessories, reproduction GT quarter windows, etc.

Fieros Europe
Offers several after market exterior parts for your Fiero. F355 Front Fascia, DR Scoops, DR Side Skirts, F360 rear fascia, Shark-gill Quarter Windows, 90mm twin low profile headlight bucket and more!

Driven Visions
We're a company located in Duluth, MN and are fully equipped to meet all of your auto body needs! Custom fiberglass Fiero parts, Hood Scoops, etc.

Fiero Shop International
Specialize in custom after market accessories for the Fiero including body kits, scoops and spoilers

Fiero Fiberglass
Fiero Fiberglass was created by Fiero Enthusiasts for Fiero Enthusiasts

Norms Fiberglass
Custom fiberglass apart, Fiero tilt front end, battery box reallocator under spare tire, flush mounted headlight units Manufacture Dino 246 kit  and F-40 rear window louver.

PISA - The Fiero HQ
PISA supplies the Fiero community with rebody kits and other interior and exterior products.

V-8 Archie
Offers 3” ChopTops kits links up with the maker of the most unique Fiero body kits!


E N G I N E   &   S U S P E N S I O N

Sinister Performance
Offer the following services for GM makes:
GM 3800 swaps, Performance Modifications,
Engine Swaps, Custom PCM and Chip Reprogramming.

"Rockcrawl" on PFF offers Engine Conversions, Suspension & Brakes and Wiring for your Fiero.

Design 1 Systems
Design One Systems, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Conversion power train systems for the Pontiac. 300+ Horsepower in a Fiero. Corvette C5 (Z06) breaks kits, etc...

Held Motor Sports
Held Motorsports offers Suspension and Brake upgrades for our favorite car - Pontiac Fieros and Fiero based kitcars.

Thelin Sells - Ecotec Swap parts
Ecotec drop in parts for Fiero. Roger Thelin Ph/Fax: (352) 375-8259 2618 N.E. 18th Terrace, Gainesville, FL

West Coast Fiero
Dedicated to custom hardware and performance parts for the Fiero.

Fast Fieros
Specialization in ODBII computer systems, 3800 engine conversions, ZZ Performance parts, etc.

V-8 Archie
The maker of the best V-8 Fiero kits links up with the maker of the most unique Fiero body kits!.


D I G I T A L   G A U G E S

Tom's Digital Fiero Gauges
As an electrical Engineer I designed these gauge specifically for the Fiero 9 years ago.   They were designed with Easy installation, Durability, and accuracy, as a high priority.  These gauge just plug in place of the existing gauges with minimal wiring/modifications.

Mark's Custom Kits Inc
stock replace gauge cluster is a stand-alone drop-in replacement of your factory analog gauges. There are no others like it and do not require any modification or alteration to your existing gauge housing except to remove the analog gauges.


C U S T O M   W H E E L S

Bonspeed Wheels
more than a wheel brand, it represents the attitude of the automotive lifestyle.  At bonspeed, we design wheels for cars and trucks that win shows and stand out in a crowd! Best price 3-piece wheel.

HRE Performance Wheels
Offers custom craft, high precision, 3-piece forged aluminum wheels for high-performance or luxury vehicles.

ROH Wheels Australia
Australian manufacturer and exporter of custom 3-piece alloy wheel.

Simmons Wheel
Australian manufacturer that offers a vast range of wheels in recommended and tested fitments for most cars, new and old, stock or modified. Simmons will also build special wheels to customer's own requirements.

Boze Alloys
Offers unique styled forged and billet wheels for hard-to-fit vehicles, luxury and exotic cars, performance cars.

Axis Wheels
Axis offer low cost wheels with 5x100 bolt pattern. Known for unique designs and innovative styling with attention to detail, Axis Wheels is always pushing the envelope of style and function.

Forgeline Motorsport
Forged 3-piece custom alloy wheels and rims for street and competition.

iForged Performance Wheels
All wheels are custom fabricated for your vehicle and available in a variety of sizes

Wheel Max
Wheel Max has become America's leading Wheel & Tire Mail-Order Retailer (supposable). 1 year warranty (short warranty). Please note many complains on the Internet regarding their product and service. SEARCH THEM ON


T R A N S P O R T   C A R R I E R S

Transport Reviews
Ratings and Reviews of Auto Transport ... Browse over 9000 ratings and reviews of over 571 vehicle transport companies posted by customers.

Exotic Car Transport
Enclosed automobile transporters, Exotic Car Transport is the premier enclosed transporter for manufacturers, auctions, dealers and owners. Transported my Fiero from North IL to Orlando for $1320 (Nov ‘08). FierociousGT

AM/PM Car Carrier
Serving the vehicle transport industry since 1976. Reliable open transport carrier in Chicago, IL. Comes to FL once a week. Transported my Fiero from Orlando to North IL for $520 (Sep '07). FierociousGT

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