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I wanted to start planning some events for the club over the next couple of mouths.  I would love to cruise over to a German place I know in Sanford for some food and beer.  Also, a night at the drags would kind of fun for everyone to watch or to drive.  Lets come to together to plan some things so we can get together alittle bit more than once a month.


I like that idea. I am up for it.

I love the sound of this  ;D Especially as Thursday have become hard for me to make the meetings sometimes. Rememember when we use to go to the Mustang cruise on the 2nd Saturday of the month? Maybe we could go there before or after hangin out at the restaurant. Also one year the Friday before the Fall Haul we went and did the Friday night cruise at Old Town. It was pretty cool and we haven't been back since. Anyways I'm definitely up for more hangin out   :)

I'd like to see you guys drive over to Titusville one time (instead of me driving over to Orlando)!

Titusville's next Cruise In is May 3. I'll try to get some info. before the meeting this week.

The Cruise In has gotten pretty big. I counted over 100 cars in March. Not a Fiero to be seen. I was thinking if everyone met at my place we could drive in as a group and park as a group?

It's informal. Titusville's a small place. Downtown's only 3 blocks long, but it might make for a fun Saturday afternoon.

anyone want to go to bithlo firday?


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