Where to Get Parts Anodized?


I want to anodize all the aluminum brackets for my new spoiler and decklid struts. I called a few places I found in the phone book, but they all do industrial stuff (i.e. big jobs), and charge a rather large minimum fee.

Does anyone know of a place I can go to get smaller jobs done? I'm not willing to use one of those DIY anodizing kits. So that's not an option.

What are the compnaies you contacted?


Are you looking for "Black" anodize? Normal base charge is $55.

Let me know Thursday what you're interested in and what your timeframe is. I may be able to "roll" them into the next batch of stuff I send out, and save you some bucks.


Yes, I am looking for black. And $55 is a lot cheaper than the other quotes I got. So far, the lowest quote was $90. If I can make it to the meeting (depending on how the tranny swap goes), I can show you all the aluminum brackets on the car that I want to anodize.


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