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Author Topic: fiero ,enlightenment , & wayward bretheren  (Read 423 times)
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« on: December 02, 2020, 03:46:53 PM »

tomorrow is the fiero meeting , the sissy virus has killed attendance fear not the Chinese generals have much worse planned for YOU,they are have a jamboree of satisfaction over the success of the virus some people still think the virus was started by "man eats Bat" ,but chinese military intel totally dispute this ,was also on jap news !
this so get your fiero fix before a real nasty bug takes you down in a vomiting ,puking,anal flooding shooting spurts , that honor the new chink masters horror ,yep  live free or die is a Fiero mantra for the elite ,I have lost touch with the biker scum so it is Fiero time thursday nite so get the donkey out & head for casselberry florida home of the unwashed vermin & a few enlightened owners of the worlds greatist car , to avoid serious spanking or whipping tell the superior mistress you are headed foe nirvana & need the ministration of Monk fartsalot who will enlighten you to the 4 truth of Buddahism,I recieve this at the house of purple velvet pleasure 50 years ago before I fell out of the 2nd story porthole
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