I time traveled for this?


 any one going to attend the next fiero meet ?

  I missed the last one because of old age! I try to be at meeting site,just  in case new comers show up ,or the space ship returns for my lard bucket persona .it takes full power to lift me ,my wings no longer will give flight to my celulite wringled smoo buttocks !
do not worry about false sissy pandemic , the chink, slope, gooner generals have a lot worse planed for you ,they will have it much more developed next time. I follow this intel stuff since the 2 gooner officers  wrote the book on how China would take over & control america,& the CIA publish it. back in 2000,,with the help of the democraps,biden & other useful idiots thier plan is a workin, they,ll come in wagons,buggy,s mules & pick em up trucks

 hope some one beside me attend the spectacular fiero meet thursday nite , I have gotten old & boring ,we need new blood ,many members are sick  of my stories about being  a patron of the house of purple velvet pleasures,Kieko Shenagawa & falling out of the 2nd story window ,  while on the international U.S. Marine world beer drinking & cat house tour & of course after my awakening I learn what coward ,fear, terror,flee  really mean when artillery with fuse V.T & fuse  proximity gave me an appreciation of bowel movements & the 100 yard dash in 8 seconds my unit awarded me the coveted yellow belly dash  medal ,this has given me an appreciation of Fiero,s & dominant boss ladies who wash their hair in the blood of thier enemies so I may be the docile timid sissy I am today.
  I have found a driver for my Fiero & now I may ride safely in the passenger seat life is better now that I am under strong, assertive, female supervision !
royal rotuness

Hey, Marine....I want to attend tonight, too, but Household 6 tells me I want to go out to dinner with the neighbors.  I didn't even know I was hungry.  :)  And as far as I know, these neighbors drive Trabants and Ladas...the cutting edge of Eastern Bloc technology.  Sheesh.


 was god so disappointed in the monkey,that he created man ?  then the fiero ? attend the fiero meeting to talk about this . thursday evening 7
fiero makes me as happy as a monkey living in the treehouse at the garden of eden

royal rotuness


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