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Author Topic: Daytona Cars & Coffee, Hotrods for Heroes...monthly on last Saturday  (Read 379 times)
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Hey, guys.  I just attended this event at One Daytona (across from Speedway).  Goes from 9am-12pm on the last Saturday of every month.  I was the only Fiero there, and that uniqueness attracted a good number of folks who wanted to chat about the car.  For awhile I kept the hood open like most every other car, and chuckled when folks stopped and did a double-take expecting to see an engine under there.  All they saw was a battery.  One guy said to his wife, "Yeah, it's electric."  Hah!  Anyway, I recommend it for consideration to our club members.  Consider bringing your Fieros to the event. 


'87 Fiero 4.9 V8 5-speed, two Rokon 2-wheel drive bikes and an ATK 406XC hare scrambles bike...yeah, I'm a nutcase for weird, American iron.
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