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I just wanted to wave a hand and say thank you for accepting me into your forum!
Iím a balding white male, whose going fat, have two kids and am still married, even though I have a gaggle of Fieros. My wife hates them and wonít ride in them. The kids love them and have called ďdibsĒ on them when I die. Right now, only one of them runs and the rest are stuck up in Augusta, Ga, where I was recently banished from for being way too cool. My mullet just balded-off,  so the jokeís on them. The long and short of it is that I can make you a great deal on a couple ďrescuesĒ, as long as youíre willing to pick them up and drag them back!
Enough blah,blah.
Fiero list:
1984 2m4 base w/ac. Running. Given to brother because of transfer/move.
1985 GT notchie. 3.4, Dis, digital cruise, 7730 ecm, f23 trans, mr. mikes seats, updated pontiac CD player, ac added, crap paint, daily driver!  Itís the ugliest one I own, but my favorite!
1987 Gt 3800sc 5sp. Sunbird seats, custom paint.  Donít like it. Still in augusta
1988 base coup. 3.4 5sp. Some assembly required. Still in augusta
Iím really looking forward to attending a meeting eventually, but life keeps getting in the way. Every time Iíve tried, I have to stay late at work or I4 gets traffic all the sudden. I donít really know my way around just yet, and am just now learning to get around all the toll roads. I live in winter Garden, but work in Davenport, so Iíd probably come straight from work to the meeting. Might be quicker to go home first, then over to the meeting?  I dunno.

I look forward to eventually meeting some of you at the next meeting (hopefully) and venting about Fiero issues.


Welcome to the club. We look forward to seeing you next meeting.


Yep - Welcome.
We meet on the 1st Thursday of every month in Casselberry. Most arrive between 6:30 - 7:00.
Publix parking lot on 17-92.
Then we go inside Anthony's Pizza and usually wrap up around 9:00.

We aren't a very "structured" group. Pretty laid back.



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