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Carefree derelict, seeks buxom blue eye blond with

« on: September 02, 2018, 04:47:59 PM »

i join A date service & have met mature (old bag)who has a Fiero ,nothing like the other girls I have attended the thursday meet with .I would place this lady in the old battle axe category,since I have put one foot in grave I can not be choosy,MANY OF THE AVAILABLE WOMEN ARE CAT RANCHERS MOST HAVE A LEATHER PRUNE FACE SKIN problem, these bitter angry crone hosebags have emasculated or castrated between one & 3 men & now have the house & every thing some poor zap worked hard for all his life! I hope to weasel ,slither in  use some of the stolen comforts the poor zAP divorcee lost then moved on to a better place
Me Stan ?? I,ll eat great use all available soft toilet paper,watch cable T V then ,choose once again from the good ship USS KITTY LITTER VAST  available supply of bitter prunzilla face debutants! these leather face babes are now paying for all the men they rejected in thier youth
his royal rotuness

why belong to a club that had me as a member ?
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