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 Need to know the weight of the stock 86Gt fiero honey comb wheels ,I thought it was 18 pounds ,,they are light for factory wheels
 I have done no real work on my fiero since I put it on the road 8 years ago ,Of course chuck installed the automatic transmission in place of the 4 speed , the car is a 100 times more fun to drive now
 I have started a new modification project to include new 1/4 windows (,have them },new lite 13 pound red  bucket seats ,15 pound battery,installed 3 time already,ha,ha?? new smaller camaro shifter & a weird air intake scoop you will have to see,also continue lowering weight,remove parts & replace parts with lower weight parts I hope to have all finish by the next meeting thurday ,but my left hand got all infected & I had to have it cleaned out of foreign matter ,only a small thin long scar now,painful . It will be months before I can properly work, I am doing small projects , I want to get my car down to 2650 pounds
   I am all screwed up from the terrible motorcycle accidents I was in ,& the radiation treatment ,but will do the best I can !!
 If my Fiance does not come to Florida next year I will try to replace the engine & rebuild the steering column because it is just to  stiff now.. She is not bad looking for a Buxom white woman
 I have a large 6 foot grey leather skin & may recover the dash

Old Lar:
I just went out and weighed one of my restored 87 GT wheels and it came in at 18 pounds.

 thanks for the wheel weight,..I plan to replace my wheels with 10 or 11 pound wheels to assist automatic transmission take off performance ,a 200 pound drop in weight will help 0 to 30 times ..18 pounds is a low weight for a stock wheel!
  My hand is a little  better & I will attemp to finish my lite weight battery install ,& remove some items from the car to lighten it,I also am replacing  the side quarter windows. when I am able I will replace the seats with
        13 pound red buckets ,this will save 40 pounds & improve appearence ,, the suggestion that I improve appearence by  remove 225 pound of  fat will not work,my wrinkle ,porky ,cellulite ,carcass goes with the car.

 I will have some factory suede seats available ,just take them away,the driver side seat looks like I was in a violent struggle with it..

my apoligy I have been in hospital ,but found out the problem with walking was my heart medication? weird!!. I have made little progress on the fiero because I felt like crap.
 I did do some runs thru the quarter mile mostly in the low 16..went with Ranger stone,his lotus fiero ran in the mid 15s
but did one rev up, pedal hold & my PO Crap ran a 15.8 ,alright for an automatic . that is the only news >>
 I have met with a group from  Marine corp league,after the regular meeting,I found out about some of the fights against the america hating atheist,especially the fight in Angola,where the jew boys & strieder slaughtered the atheist, where I had my eye screwed up!! . this was prompted  by the talk of the new alliance ,beween the atheist & Muslim terrorist who have the same agenta.. ,I have known men in the Orlando chapter of the Marine corp league since I was in High school.a lot of"" there I was stuff"" from men who were there in the heat of the combat & fighting, real interesting stuff
so today is the most interesting american holiday The Marine Corp birthday is November here is to General Chesty Puller & all who aspire to his 4 Navy cross bravery & greatness
stan.royal routuness

Well happy Veterans Day Stan and to any other veterans we have in our group. Pappy that's you too, don't want to forget you. Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service to our country.


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