Missing Inboard Pad Retaining Spring...Left Rear, '87


Hi guys.
Well tonight I tracked down the nagging rattle I had when driving over bumps.  The inboard pad on my left rear caliper was loose and fell out when I removed the caliper off the rotor.  Upon inspection I noticed the retaining spring/clip that fits around the piston was missing.  Explains the rattle AND the shitty brake feel I was also trying to track down.  So the question...is that spring available separately or do I need to buy a whole caliper to get one.  I'll check at the parts stores in the morning, but I'm not holding my breath.

Here's something to think about

A lot of stock Fiero parts are interchangeable with other vehicles

I don't know if your car has stock brakes but I'm guessing they have been upgraded
HOWEVER with that said, no telling what is actually on your car without looking at it and I'm sure one of us can figure it out - Maybe the PO could answer the question

Oh the joys of "Fiero Life"  ;)

Thanks, Pappy.  Yeah, the calipers are stock, pads brand new as are the rotors, which are slotted and drilled.  PO did good work, but that clip is missing.  Last night I searched online and found a so-called "Brake Hardware Kit" thru OReillys, Autozone and Advance Auto Parts, that includes the clip.  Cheap enough at $14, but whether they have it in stock is another matter.  I want to get this together and do some driving this weekend!

Thanks, again.


 I probably have this clip if you can not find

Many thanks, Uhlanstan, but the Brake Hardware Kit contained two retaining clips, one for each rear caliper.  The front pads don't need them, as they mount differently.  In any case, it turns out the clips were missing from BOTH of my rear calipers.  Not anymore.  Clips are now on, and the inboard pads are now held properly.



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