Transmission install tips,auto & manual


 can not get the transmission to align ??
use a transmission install bolt as a guide to push the tranny in
cut the bolt head off & bevel the outer end, 2 are better,install at the top ,it is  work to cut the head off
& bevel it ,many older gear heads have these in their tool box, so ask to borrow them.
 a longer bolt than what normally holds the tranny to the engine is better .
you can cut a slot so you can use a screw driver to remove the aligment bolt

when you push the transmission onto the bell housing often the transmission will not go the last few inches, the splines are not aligning,
 Place tranny in gear..
just turn the shaft slowly to align the shaft & clutch & flywheel,you can sometimes do this just use your hand & fingers ,or place some cloth or leather on the shaft,& turn it with the vise grips
 some people bevel the shaft that goes into the engine ,but normally you just turn the rear shaft to align  the transmission shaft with the engine spines
never force the transmission.
 if you place a piece of wood on your jack holding up first the  center ,then once in place ,hold up the  rear of the tranny up this is a one man job
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