wagner thermo quiets ,new wagner perfect stop pads latest developement,upgrade


  I have champion the  wagner thermo quiets, from my first days back in  2007 on this forum & on pennock ,,took 2 years to convince pennock people. NOW thermo quiets are difficult to get,phase out!
  the wagner thermoquiets have been replace by the new perfect stop pads from wagner ,, this is an improvement comming right off the HOT ROD magazine brake developement article  I wrote about 4 years ago .
 there are many great pads ,improvement over thermo quiets, some of the race pads stop better ,,but the new perfect stop has the stopping power, quietness & lower dust you need on a fiero & on your other cars & trucks . only the very best race pads heated up will stop better ,, Perfect stop pads are top quality for your street cars & trucks
watch for discounts & rebates
 do not use rotors with holes drill in them,mildly slotted rotors are best
always buy top quality brake pads , they are worth it
the perfect stops are from a subsidery
remember to lightly sand your rotors when you install new pads
 all info in this post taken from current magaqzine articles & now has mention in pennocks
go to =      http://www.perfectstop.com/


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