Looking for a racing buddy and a 4T60E wizard

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I recently purchased a NHRA Stock Eliminator FWD Olds Delta 88 with the 3.8. The car is the current record holder for its class in the country. I purchased the car cheap because I got it with a broken trans. Hoping to find someone who is a 4T60 wiz kid and enjoys drag racing to help me out. I pulled out the broken trans ( 4T60 ) and it seems it broke the differential. Not sure if anything else in front of the trans is damaged. I recently inherited a 4T60E. I would like to swap all of the good internals of my broken trans or at the very least my sprocket set (33/37) into the 4T60E. I just ordered a 3.33 limited slip differential as well.

We are a scattered and somewhat eclectic bunch here - Things that might help you in your quest

1. Your rough location - Examples - O-town, Sanford, Casselberry, Cocoa or Titusville
2. Do you enjoy adult beverages - Example - Do you have a beer fridge?
3. Do you have or will you be getting a Fiero - Example - It's kinda what we do here
4. Are you afraid of people that shout their own name intermittently - Example - Marc!
5. Can you lift 40 pounds over your head using only one foot?
6. Do you like dogs?

Happy racing

Haha ! Sounds fair enough

1- I'm in Central Florida ( Wekiva Springs/ Altamonte Springs area )

2- I will have the beer fridge stocked

3- I have owned a Fiero which is how I know about you guys

4- I fit in real well with people who randomly shout

5- No

6- Yes. I also like snakes and Squirrels

 you need serious parts for the 4t60e, you need the basket??$500.oo , Im looking for one cheap ,you need 3 parts that will make the car faster & more reliable,,I got your message !!
my transmission guy is heavy into drinking. acquiring a bad reputationthe parts you need are available from TCI & pact & sonax(name?)can not remember the name of the pact people they have the good stuff at expensive rates  
I had posted here a few month ago that you needed some one interested in drag racing
 I helped G I with his fiero then a garbage truck ruin his Fiero experience
 you are going to learn about the 4t60 to survive ,so start now & tell Dinette I said ALOHA !
 the solution is a $2500 transmission ,the tranny blowing is very common ,I trust the previous ownwer neglected to tell you this in a serious manner
you need to go to the pact site & learn all you can if you are serious yopu probably already know it ,I just can not remember the name ..I can rebuild all sort of stuff once it is out of the car.
getting to the chain & sprockets is easy ,,
 I hate the dog still
he is friendly ,has a beautiful wife & an active  son,a pit bull  lives in a upscale  shack

 you will need the parts kit for the acumulator ,it is cheap
will the 4t60E need a change in the wire & programming ?
 i can help with the mechanicals & some change in wireing I do not know crap about a fiero ,but I know this stuff
 there is a chance you did not get the straight scoop on the trannies
pappy would mak good track buddie
you need a torsden,but any lim slip will do ,you will need the sun gear
you start with pulling the acumulator,, , you need a work bench with a white beach towel laying  on it...
,,,some plastic peanut butter bottles  towel laying on it ..
no sweat,just use care to lay out the parts
 I have spent to many years of my life ,, ,
,at race tracks ,..hate them now !!
Im up for the machanical work
read  the stuff about patc & sonnax
you will become the trannie wizard
 the 4t60 is the direct descendant of the fiero 3 speed T125
I could not find the page with the correct info on the 4t60e,check out thier web site..


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