Rubber Suspension bushings


Got an ok from the bank to make a purchase to replace all the old rubber bushings on the '88, aka Bumblebee. Already arrived are new front KYB shocks and MOOG lower ball joints ready to be installed but figured while I was getting into all that I might as well replace the hard as granite, crumbling, old rubber bushings. Don't really want to go the poly route as I'm looking for a softer, smoother ride rather than hard/stiff since this poor old thing has a no power duke in it and is a cruiser rather than a racer. Anyone have any info that might help? I.E. a list of what all the bushing are, to save me crawling under the thing and writing down each one I see, and any sort of parts list? Any assistance or direction is appreciated.


Looks like GMPartsGiant has upper and lower control arm bushings in rubber that are oem.
Part 462980 - $12.02 ea x 4
Part 470722 - $10.94 ea x 4
Shipping      - $13.02

Total - $104.86

OR at Summit

Moog k6170 - $14.97 ea x 4
Moog k6163 - $17.97 ea x 4

Total - $131.76.

I went rubber in the front and poly in the back  8)

However, after the new rubber was installed - The front felt and drove much better

Since the polys were installed during my L67 swap I can't give you any input on them

P.S. Be prepared for some foul smellin burnt rubber, skin and knuckle bustin FUN !!
Me thinks the Fiero Store sells the rubber bushings in pairs


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