What did you get your Fiero for Christmas?

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I ordered a new clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing for the car. They're supposed to be here on Friday. So today I went for a short drive to make sure I remember how  the car is. Gotta stay motivated you know... The last thing I want is to tear the car apart and take two months to get it all back together...

I got everything disconnected and ready for the cradle to come out today. Friday, out comes the cradle. When it goes back together, it will get a good cleaning, some new seals, custom fuel lines, AC and digital cruise control.

That's the plan...

Did not really want to but the IMSA decided for me. Had the clutch arm (4speed)bend and had to replace with solid one. Also decided to change out the hydraulic line and mounting braket (Rodney Dickman's)for slave. Shifts like new again. :).

Outer tie rod, alignment and great condition used tire for Becca's daily driver and there went $225, so no Fiero toys though I am wanting to get a sq foot of yellow leather from Mr. Mikes and send that off to the guy to recover an auto shift knob for Bumblebee. Only $60 or so but on hold for now.

 new valve oil seal & gaskets & replace gear shift knob  with neato jet black & red
 I did not get the set of 2 rear feather weight Koneig wheels I pray to the all the relevant god,s for

Ac spark plugs, cap & rotor and a calendar from the fiero store. I wanted a clutch but my wife got laid off as of December 31. As everything goes it might be time to sell my motorcycle to fix my fiero but its all good Merry Christmas everyone


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