Good Transmission Shop in Orlando Area?

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Hi there.

I've had some issues with a local transmission shop, who while were able to replace the clutch, couldn't figure out the 5th/reverse issue common to getrags; though they were more than happy to charge me for their time their to discover inability to do so.

That said, does anyone here know if there ANY transmission shops in the Orlando area (live in Casselberry) that actually have the understanding and ability to work on 5-speed getrags, and better yet, are "Fiero Friendly"?

Thanks in advance, and look forward to seeing some of you this Thursday!  :)


Scott Martindale

 Robertson,s auto service -long time in business
highly experience & fast mechanics  they do mostly business customers
been in buisness for years have Fiero experience  they are fast great prices
because they are fast,
but some times do not have attention to detail , they are hard to find so they have to be good
433 spring hammock ct longwood 32750.. on big tree rd,,not easy to find

 there is a shop accross from Mazda dealership 17-92  own by former Pontiac line mechanic
knowledgeable about Fiero,s  maybe bowtie?? forgot the name
...a member of Central florida Fiero owns a Midas muffler shop on south orange ave in Orlando & can handle any problem that does not require the engine or tranmission to be pulled he would be more knowledgeable with current procedure than anyone
about Fiero centric problems
 every Fiero needs to have a clutch slave dual  piston installed to replace the troublesome single piston!
you get this from Rodney Dickman,just google  Rodney Dickman ,fiero  MAGIC

95% of Fiero clutch /shift problems are cured by the 2 seal piston .

Thanks so much for the information! I'll get in touch with them, and (hopefully) get the car on the road for the first time I've owned it here soon! Either way, I'll report back to this thread, and pass along what happens. :)


Chances are you need new transmission cables. sells some real good ones. If your cables are all right then your linkages may be worn or the cables are not adjusted properly. You are better off doing the work yourself than having a shop do it. If you brought it to my shop we would have to charge you the shop rate of $99 an hour and it adds up pretty quickly. You could even ask the members to set up a workshop to demonstrate this using your car. It makes no sense to try and get any shop to do this work, as many mechanics have never worked on a Fiero before, and those that did, did so decades ago. Club members own these cars and work on them, so they are the ones to consult.

Waayyy-too long in responding, but I simply haven't had the time to work on it, and probably won't for a while longer still. That said, is your shop local? I'd really like to drive this thing once and for all, but like I said, I just don't have the time currently to do the work myself.


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