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Hey Ya'll --
Well it warmed up a bit and I got a chance to check a few things out on my new coolant leak issue -- hoses and belt all seam tight, no leaking up front, but a slow steady leak from the engine area -- here are two photos from above and below -- I also checked error codes and fuses and all are OK.  What do ya'll think?? Do I need to start looking for a new water pump or are there other things I should check?

image from below

image from above

Sparkys 88GT:
My first guess would be the water pump.  Try feeling under the pulley at 5 to 7 oclock position and see if you have antifreeze there.  On the bottom side there is a small hole in the housing and that is where the leak will likely be coming from.  Fairly common issue for most cars with the age of ours for the pump seals to go bad.  Good news is they can be found very easily in all the local parts stores.....

Correct but remember we are boycotting Autozone

For this

Well I am anyway - Canceled my account and gave this as my reason

snippit - I regard them as my family, McLean said of his co-workers. Youre not going to leave your brother or sister behind. Its a lesson he learned in the Air Force.

However Autozone doesn't have those kind of "Family Values" I reckon  }:(

Thanks for your input, Sparky and Pappy --
Looks like I'll be attempting to purchase (not from Autozone) and replace the water pump after Christmas, yuck  -- meanwhile any special tips or tricks I should be aware of before I dig in?  If everything goes well, I might even make it to the January meeting -- it's been 4 - 5 months since I've seen ya'll. 

Happy Christmas Eve ya'll -- Hope everyone has a great Holiday!!! :)

Old Lar:
Just remember which bolts go in what hole.  If I recall there are a few different bolt sizes. 


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