3800 Turbo Build (attack of the screaming snail)

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Well, I guess I might as well start a build thread...  :confused:

I got this bad boy yesterday.  :P  :O

My new Magnum T72 turbo with .68AR and ceramic ball bearings. This baby will blow about 20psi through a V6 Camaro's intake, into a Grand Prix's 3800 V6 with custom cam & ported heads and back out through ceramic coated headers (modified Pacesetters).

I plan to mount the liquid-to-air intercooler between the gas tank and the starter, heat exchanger in the front bumper and reservoir (ice tank) in the spare tire area with the battery.

The turbo will mount above the transmission in the engine bay.

And to be clear, that means...
     I will be going with an automatic transmission (4T65E-HD).
     I will not be cutting the trunk.

We have also decided to use the "Misbehaver" for the initial build. I plan on returning the 3800SC/Getrag combo to it's current position eventually. I eventually want to have the turbo in a car that I can gut like a fish and beat on like a set of bongos at a hippie festivle. Doing it this way will also mean that I won't have to pay to insure another Fiero just so it can wear a license plate. Gotta keep the Code Enforcement guy happy...  8}

... with the Camaro Intake

This oughta be interesting.

BTW, you gonna port that intake?

I'll give it a shot. I port matched an aluminum Edelbrock 2.8 intake a few years ago. I figure I'll do the same with this one. As good as you are, I bet you have some pointers. :confused:

I love it!


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