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Author Topic: FIERO,Savings, travel & priorities  (Read 2941 times)
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« on: May 04, 2016, 11:56:09 AM »

 I have been saving,my pennies,nickel & dimes & with some large unexpected  windfalls I finally had the energy & sheckles to purchase 2 motegi traklites 5x100(used),$225,,the fiberglass scoop side panel I covet $300 dollars U.S,$25.00 of rattle can PAINT.drop engine & perform modifications! from the ethereal mist the fiero goddess had said enter my realm once again ,I was excited that I could walk again & work on the car,but alas the   hammer anvil of my past  once again Email me to attend the reunion in france april 30, Dex is the only man from my past I have a photo of,we serve together in the Marines at Gitmo,Nam  & later in   Angola as contractors .. he wanted to fill me in on the last time I saw him!! so loading up the credit cards to MAX,& using  my fiero wealth,wearing my fiero shirt ,I watch the hand being paraded at aubang & heard the story I had waited 30 years to hear,dex & the Israeli commandos smash thru the 5000 man Cuban armour column & killed most of the communist atheist,sandalistas .a slaughter   & manage to escape. this was the fight where my left eye was blown out, one of the greatest nites of my life .. all my photo,s  went to the bottom of the sea when I lived on a sail boat, I receive a few Photo from my ex wife, & DEX,a Viking warrior  imp  is the only man from my past I have a  photo of in an artillery  bunker ! we both  look so young & skinny

 So now I need the forum help to upgrade my Fiero,no money or work required ...,I will not be able to locate parts needed ,using
wanted for sale here on our site ,I need your help,have to do this on the cheap

1= I want to locate Motegi traklite wheels 5x100 at a good price ,I will use "drag" brand anchor anvil wheels (14.2 pounds) if no traklites can be found
 I will pay the most for the traklites  Chuck installed a automatic transmission in place of my 4 speed  & lite weight wheels will greatly  help performance
2= I want lite weight seats ,under 20 pounds, used .at least one,I will use racing plastic seat for passenger 
3=does someone have a new or used fiberglass scoop,not wanted goes behind door ?? make offer  I will probably just blend one in with bondo & fiberglass
 I now have to perform my upgrades on the cheap,my Fiero will no longer be the lowest  rat of the pack.
I plan to lower weight by 200 pounds
 I have started on the interior
 I do have some money & expect to pay for the items
 I am living on goverment welfare social security, I have been seriously cripple by doctors & can not work,,errrr*#!@%
at normal job

why belong to a club that had me as a member ?
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