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just as everything seems to be going mechanically right w/ the exception of an oil leak, i overheat today in traffic.  Coolant was shooting out of the radiator cap.  Im thinking it was the guys who fixed my radiator, they didn't quite put the hood on right and looks like part of the hood is hitting the cap. 

Anyone else have the dilemma??  Everytime i think "ok time to start upgrading", sh*t goes wrong!
Was the cap on right? 
im gonna check it tomorrow, it was dark by the time i got home.  I don't know if that's all it would be though, when i lifted the hood and had the car on, i noticed the fan wasn't turning on.  Don't know if that can be caused by a radiator cap loose.
It can be a lot of things,  Fan motor, water pump,  air in the system,  or blown head gasket.  It us know what you find.
alright i took it in today and luckily it was just the fan motor, not to expensive.  The guy also hooked it up to the computer scanner and found i was running rich (explains the horrible gas mileage).  One of the hoses was a little loose, another easy fix.  But the oil leak seems to be from the oil pan gasket, which is 400 bucks to replace.  Noticed the part itself was only $30, so I'm going to look it up on line to see if I'd be able to replace it myself.  Anyone have any experience w/ replacing oil pans?

Edit: just looked up how to remove oil pan, no way in hell I'm going to be able to do it haha.  Although the car that the guy said he did the removal on was a Formula model, anyone know if the engine is set up differently in anyway from a GT?  He said he had to remove the exhaust, dont know why b/c the exhaust is not in the way on the GT model.
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