Police Investigate Swinger House in Melbourne, FL

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Police Investigate Swinger House in Melbourne, FL (Fox News)

Darn, my shop's in Melbourne. I'm always the last to find out.

I might have machined them up some kinky bracelates or leg irons or something. Gues I'll just have to be satisfied with the debauchery at Bike Week and such. ;D


“We're concerned about our children and grand children.” said Groves.
Pleaseeee... What exactly, are they afraid will happen to their children?

They won't be able to close them down. They are not doing nothing illegal as long as they are not charging money (donations are ok), selling alcohol (BYOB is ok) or prostitution. Neighbors got too nosy.

Marc, can you get some VIP passes ;)

I completely agree with FGT!!!! people are so ridiclous I feel what people do in there home is their privacy and how does this effect children? the parents are responsible for there own family. the other people are the ones that pulicized what is going on. and if the police are saying it's illegal why are they still having parties. the police are probably joining in  ;D

Well you folks are refreshingly open minded. Makes me think there might be a new activity in the offing for our club. Something with multiple couples and the inside of a Fiero?

Think on "that" one awhile! :o


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