Pappy's 88 Fiero GT - 3800 Swap

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1988 Fiero GT - Super Charged 3800 build
Bob Pennone SR (Pappy)

Ok this is now my official swap thread   }:(
I put a link in the old thread pointing to this one  :D

For those who were wondering click on the little speaker/listen icons from the link below

I don't have a My Face, Tweet Book or any of them social netwerk thingies, but I do have a sense of humor  ;)
I was born in the deep South in the late 50's - Love Godzilla movies, Firefly, MST3K and Halo -  Miller Light, Mikes Hard Limeade - Enough about me.....

DISCLAIMER: This is for informational purposes only - I am not responsible for anyone getting hurt, breaking any parts, miss use of equipment, explosions, astronomical anomalies, spacial distortions or spousal malfunctions   :naughty:

I should have called this thread A Poor Mans SC3800 Swap since I am unemployed at the moment. We will be doing this swap on the cheap, so I apologize for not being able to put the latest and greatest hardware on the car. We're just gonna have to make do with what we have on hand  :)

If any of this build thread is useful to you - Feel free to give me a complimentary / honorable mention in your link or build thread  :thumbsup:

Please note this is an 88GT with Auto, AC and Cruise - Some steps may not apply or will be completely different in other applications

If I come back and change something I will try to use "ADD:" or "EDIT:" to note these changes
ADD: Like this  :confused:

I would like to thank the following individuals for all their help, time, parts, cahootin, information, diagrams, guidance and friendship
2manycars - Marc F  :pidu:
Dezldave961 - Dave P  :D
Dragon - Frank M :thumbsup:
Darth Fiero - Ryan G - Sinister Performance - GM Tuners   :notworthy:
And of course my wife Pam  8)

The main players:
1988 Red Pontiac Fiero GT Auto, AC, Cruise
1997 Silver / Bronze-ish Buick Park Avenue Ultra (Donner car)

I reckon I'm lucky that I have two complete running cars to perform this swap. Knowing that everything works is a big plus here. This way we don't have to piece mill 3800 stuff together like motor/trans/comp, the Buick was my daily driver. It is a shame I am going to destroy it - It truly is a nice car

I am in no way trying to build a competition show car, I just want to build a daily driver that can run 12s in the quarter and gets 30+ MPG   :D

So far, we've completely rebuilt the front end with factory rubber bushings, lowered her 1 inch using Rodney Dickman's lowering ball joints and longer zero lash end links, installed a new Kenwood stereo system, and Mr Mikes seat covers - Light Gray on Gray. I still had a job at this time ;)

The swap will be done using Purple Reign's Motor Mounts, Low Mount Alternator Bracket and Shift Plate Adapter

8} ADD: The Low Mount Alternator Bracket and Front Motor Mount were out of tolerance - I managed to salvage the Front Mount with a lot (and I mean a heap) of modifications but the Alternator Bracket remained unusable - The Shift Plate Adapter will not fit under the stock 3800 exhaust crossover pipe without modification either

:angry: I prepaid - Had to wait over 8 months to get them - Parts were not built to correct specifications - Slow response to inquires, wait times could range from weeks to months - When issues were brought to this vendors attention, responses were less than helpful and not once did he offer to make things right - Ever

The bottom line: Make your own mounts using a combination of Fiero and any GM 3800 Mini Van mounts or use a different vendor

The new and improved motor dolly
ADD: Notice those nice thick rubber wheels, bad idea   :crybaby:

The 2 ton Arr rr rr!

I'll be using as many parts off the Park Avenue as I can

Things we have - But not yet installed
3.3 modular pulley system on the supercharger - the stock pulley is 3.8
Braided stainless steel brake lines and washers
Slider brake boots

Things we don't have - But need to fabricate
Cold Air Intake
Exhaust system
Side Scoops - Not required but we're gonna try :)
Hood Vent - Not required but we're gonna try yet again

The next step will be to drop the motor, tranny and cradle out of the Fiero and clean up the engine bay
Woo Hoo!!!

Are you planning any Tech Days to assist? Any idea when?


Was going to start chipping away at it as time permits, you know how that Honey Do list takes priority ;)

I should get the fluids drained today and possibly disconnect some of the hardware.

You guys have a tech day slated for the 7th and I already had a commitment that day :(

The Tech Day has been losing a few of the key mechanics and cars to make it worthwhile. It may get rescheduled. (Will know better at Thursday's meeting).

If that happens, maybe we can schedule something quickly at you place to get through the initial motor drop.


I understand, my wife's lunch ladies have their annual bar-b-q on the 7th

I'm open for the 8th :)


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