Update the interior with a Camaro dash and build of a Koenig 355 Challenge .

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I finally decided on the color scheme of my car and this time it is final here it is:

After  pulling out my air saw  I started carving up the firebird dash taking out the  parts not needed ..slow going but  to be safe than making a mistake,it took some coaxing but I finally  got it finally mounted.

The swap is not  100% perfect but is at least 98% has made such a difference  in the modernization of the car's interior and it looks like it came with the car from factory unlike a shoe in dash.Now although not finished there are a few little issues that I am working on like making the fiberglass  filler piece for the back of the dash and changing the color to satin  black to match the rest of the interior.

As for gauges I am using the 88 Cavalier  speedo cluster which is not a direct fit but has to be trimmed to fit,the only original part  I am using is the HVAC controls and the Fiero dimmer switch.........another area was mating the a/c vents Fiero to Firebird but a trip to Home Depot took care of that.

The door panels is still up in the air......... firebird or reconfigure the Fiero panels with a twist either way I will eventually end up using one of them.

After admiring the  looks of the Firebird dash I am about to do  a final test fit  before permanent mounting but I abandoned the airbox idea and opted for a simple aluminum plate  and attatched 3 pvc outlet then glued and siliconed them in place, these I will mount the hoses   and then to the vent I also wired in the  light and dimmer switch btw  the Fiero dimmer had to be used as the Firebird one is not compatable but it is a direct snap in.

The rear filler I am making from fiberglass but it is now easier as  I accidentally broke my windshield now will have to shop around for a spanking new one as the 23 year old one was beginning to show it's age' I have received  several quote from $185 to $225 installed.

The next thing is  to install  a wireless 2 stage automatic door poppers since  there is no outside door handles to hold on to also mount the  push button starter switch on the new shifter console

Have comprehensive coverage on your fiero? If so, the state of florida mandates insurance companies replace front windshields free of charge and no premium increases. (hides his AIG auto insurance company badge)

Yes I am aware of that  but the car at present has no insurance  and is being restored so I have to bite the bullet and  get it out of pocket >:(  but I would have to change it eventually as there were  bubbles  around the edges.

The only part  of the swap  that is slow and tedious is the wiring  of the crossover door  and window switches on both doors to interface with the Fiero wiring in the center console where there is no chance for a mistake.The a/c plumbing turned out  real easy as the air box from the Firebird dash were cut into different configuration and fitted 2"pvc pipes for the hose hook up inlets.

With every thing in place and fitting good I am finally painting  making sure  every thing is working as they should and getting ready to complete the interior.


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