Update the interior with a Camaro dash and build of a Koenig 355 Challenge .

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After restoring the Fiero dash with leather it still looked aged so I decided to upgrade it for a more modern look with one from a 2002 Firebird Trans Am. This mod is not for the feint of heart because there is cutting involved and other modification to the airbox but the final result  should be fine.

I started  to look around for a replacement dash but most of them were either cracked or damaged otherwise so I kept on looking and found one in Orlando (pending  removal and pick up)in perfect condition for a very reasonable price $ 100 most upick yards ask about $75 my local yard ask $35 without the gauges so I started ahead of the game to prepare.Since the interior is going to be custom I took out  every thing and started to rebuild new headliner ,center console,door panels only the dash needs to be finished  and new carpet laid  down.

The steering column was lowered and the support removed with a  rotary cut off wheel, now  the bracket was modified and welded to support the steering column also mounting tabs were welded in to adjust the height of the  the gap of the fire bird dash.Still unable to post pics ???.

Today  I got up real early  5am and made the 4 hours drive to Orlando (need to get some friends there ;))to pick up a perfect black Firebird dash  that was in excellent condition it was a long drive but was worth it. On returning I scoured it down  and test fitted it and it dropped right in place thanks to the early preparation.

Tomorrow I will finishing making the air box from the Fiero and mate it to the Firebird dash also have to make provision for an adittional gauge cluster will keep you guys posted.

Damn, you should have call me to grab a beer ;). Plz post pic once mounted.

May be next time Dave .....any how was fun at least the drive  to and from ,I am now making and mounts  a new center console something similar to that of the 355 and will be covered in black leather with a black plexiglass inserts the only thing different is  it won't have that chrome shifter plate.Still haven't been able to post pics ;D

I continued making over the center shifter and arm rest console,I used mdf insteadof plywood as it is more easy to work with and after several fitting I did get it right now it is going to the shop to be covered.

This is the 3rd interior change the car is going through but hopefully it is the last  ::) yeah right  as I said that before, the dash is coming out again to try and fit and adapt a HUD (heads up display)from a bonneville in the Firebird dash.


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