Question of the day!
How long do you guys plan on keeping your Fiero or Fiero's?  I plan on being buried in mine... jk but i do plan on keeping mine or a Fiero in general in case something happens to my current one, until i'm too old to get in the damned thing. 

Which means there is a possibility i could keep it long enough to be buried in it.  ;D
i like my fiero.  i wish it was an 88 though.  i think i'll find one of them, build it and call it a day with the fiero's.  but i'll prolly keep my ttop car for a long time.
Jake Dragon:
Cant afford to get rid of it  :) :) :)
I don't imagine my wife letting go of her Fiero twice in one lifetime so I think this one will be with us quite a while.
Although I love the Fiero style and uniqueness, I'm not technical enough to do much of my own work on them, and as time goes by it will be tough to find anyone else who can & will do it for me.  Some day it will become very important to me to have something with a warranty, or at least new enough that lots of shops can work on it.

When that day will come, I can't say yet.
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