Rim size Q


ok, so was looking for rims for my fiero and i came across these badass rims from Diablo.  Only thing is is that the smallest size they offer is 18*7.5, would these even fit properly on a fiero.  I dont want my fiero to look like a hoopdy ride either. 

Hi welcome aboard  one of the more civil forum on the internet..........in answer to your question in order for them to fit you have to take a few things into consideration,most important is the bolt pattern and then the rim offset  which determines if the wheel sticks out or inward ,a lot of people are running that size and bigger on their Fieros.

On my car I am running HP Lightnings 19"x8.5" front and 19"x9.5" in the rear but I also have a coilover setup custom offsets

The size tires that you will be running etc your best bet is to visit a  custom rim shop and brainstorm  with them as to your options are  then go from there...later. ;D

thanks for the welcome man, and the advice.  Hopefully these things have the right bolt pattern! 


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