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Title: fiero school
Post by: uhlanstan on January 05, 2021, 12:07:26 PM
 My scholarship to HELL has come thru,, YAHOO! going to ol Beezlebulb U ,home of the red devil football
previous to my Fiero ownership I was a runner up in the MR. USA ugly man contest ,so you can see Fiero,s  make ya'll mo handsome . Fiero  ownership is a release from normal life , there is a sense of well being as you fly down life s  hiway in the Fiero of your dreams,  as the other great unwashed travel in the crapster of their dreams ,remember any American with a job, place to live & mediocre credit can buy the 4 wheel prettied up  mobile porta potty of his advertizing desire
Fiero scholarship winners  the meeting is in 2 days FORGET the mask ,do not be a sheep attend the meeting of like minded suvivors