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Title: Bar B que & meeting
Post by: uhlanstan on September 29, 2020, 01:01:11 PM
the exciting fiero meeting is just a few days away,the plan to bar b que a few MR2 owners has been canceled due to lack of good taste!

 I need advise in how to make sure my new lady friend drives the fiero  &  I am in the Fiero passenger seat where I belong timid ,docile,obedient  !.Luci must have sat in sugar her azz is so sweet ,tho she pays little attention to my opinions, that she calls ridiculous rightn wing crap,tho she does not wash her hair in the blood of her enemies she,s as dominant as an enraged BULL. so I will not as a senior citizen carry out all the Fiero sins I did not commit , I have been without female supervision & need a powerful assertive woman voice especially a member of the strick wifes disciplinary club