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Post by: uhlanstan on July 27, 2015, 01:58:08 PM
but if you want to remove the old wheel cover ,this is more difficult
first you remove the old cover ,now you will see a harden clue/adhesive .
 this is difficult to remove
the majority is a harden 1/8 inch thick glue, it is an even size all around the wheel,,this held the leather onto the wheel for the pat 25 years & is why many fiero steering wheels still look good ..
 then there is a mixture of a softer glue that never harden take a rag & paper towels & remove this ,
alcohol can be used as a final cleaner , it is messy
the harden glue can be removed with a credit card .use the card as a scraper  I save the cards that company send me ,trying to recruite me into their high percentage card holder, or as a new customer ,I am a sh!t creek survivor so I only choose the most outrageous hi interest cards .,,Yes I am now a senior citizen ,,I do regret all the sins I did not commit..of 2 evils I always chose the prettiest..
 these cards can be used to spread bondo, metalall or do any of a hundred other chores ,so save a few of the hard back plastic cards ,my last use ?? I folded a card & used it to spring force a ground joint together, I could not reach with my wrench,& to take the wiper motor unit off the car was a pain !!remember everyone is entitle to my opinion!!.
 I use the card to scrape the harden glue off this work,this was excellent to  remove the harden glue & did not damage the wheel, this is an onerous task takes about an hour do not use sand paper on the wheel..
 I clean the wheel with alcohol work great.
 the steering wheel will now be to thin for the wheelskin to pull tight
 you have to cover the wheel with duct tape .,or use a thin piece of upholstery cover or a piece of material from a shirt or old jeans ,this is to make sure the wheel is thick enough,I decided to see if masking tape would do the job,MISTAKE??
 I went ahead & recover my wheel ,I came up with to much material at the finish, & my cover is cattywampus .I left it like this so you can see the effect of the 2 color wheel even when not done properly ,it stands out  ,I plan to recover it in a different style

Post by: uhlanstan on July 27, 2015, 02:11:31 PM
 I also recovered the spokes & did not have enough red leather ,,this is a poor job on the spokes ,I have 2 different colors ,I have a great deal of brown leather ,& only a few pieces of red .. the red spokes will give an additional pop to the dual color wheel.
 we have one yellow fiero in progress , there is yellow available . all the fiero photo show a yellow color wheel..remember it is only Kinky the first time .
I had originally recovered my wheel ,this look better than the wheel skin ..I had used an L pattern starting from the spokes ,I do not know if any one notice this on my car. I will bring photo of this style
 if you have a black ,brown or single color wheel ,you can wrap the wheel from the spoke ,,going up half way to the top. this looks unique..I have a photo of this style ,I had a black wheel cover & used red leather to make my L cover
 I have purchase enough leather to recover my seats & will start this after I return from Europe in October .
 Have a great day ,unless you have other low rent plans

Post by: Pappy on July 29, 2015, 09:04:23 PM
Outstanding Stan!

P.S. Would you like me to install Linux on the Laptop?
That would significantly cut down on the browser hijacks you are experiencing

Just let me know - I could install it at the next meeting - Easy Peazy