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Title: Batmobiles owner needs advice ---
Post by: lsfinn1 on August 01, 2014, 08:07:56 PM
I need advice from my fiero friends -- please.  :confused:
As most of ya'll know I love my Fiero, but we also have a 90 Reatta that's -  well, just not my style, so it just sits here.  It's been years since I've owned a jeep, but I really miss it and consider myself a 'jeep person'.  Owned three wranglers in the past, my first jeep was a 1992 islander -it was also the last and was  'the backup' when we had the 2000 SE, and then a 2004 sport -- but the 92 was always my favorite.  So when I saw a 92 for sale (same color even) in Longwood a few days ago, I had to investigate.   It was pouring rain when I drove by so I didn't stop and haven't seen it up close in person yet, but I did find it online - this car has no spare, no side mirrors. and nearly 160,000.  I did call and they confirmed the window price is 7999.  I can post a link if anyone's interested. 
What I'd like input on is -- We're not interested in financing and don't have even a spare dime; but should I drive up there with the reatta, title in hand and offer an even trade (the NADA book values show he gets the better deal by far) or should I save myself the embarrassment?
I value your opinions --What do ya think ? 8|

Title: Re: Batmobiles owner needs advice ---
Post by: Old Lar on August 02, 2014, 02:21:53 PM
I've been suspicious of most Jeeps, especially used ones as with that many miles and some missing components how well was it taken care of by the PO.  I looked up on Kelly Blue Book (doesn't go back to 1992) and plugged in a 94.  In fair condition it was listed at $2115.  You could check with Car Max to see what the Reatta is worth. 

You could send some Reatta photos to my cousin Dave at daveagain909@aol.com as he seems to know a lot about Reattas. The 90 Reattas are more valuable.  Send some of the stats of the Reatta mileage, color, interior etc.

Title: Re: Batmobiles owner needs advice ---
Post by: 2002z28ssconv on August 02, 2014, 05:05:59 PM
My opinion... $8,000 for the Jeep is insane.

My advice would be to sell the Reatta and put the money toward another vehicle.

I have a couple friends that are into the Jeep scene. If you'd like I can see where they would find better deals. I'm sure that they are networked together just like we are. There's no way any of us would pay top dollar for a Fiero because we know how often nice ones come through for cheap money. Same with them, they know how much they're worth, where to look for problem areas and when one's for sale at a good price.

Title: Re: Batmobiles owner needs advice ---
Post by: lsfinn1 on August 05, 2014, 10:01:30 PM
Thanks for the input ya'll -- you are correct.  Back in 2007 we sold the our 92 islander to carmax, it had nearly 190,000 'hard' miles and we we got 1500 for it.  We've regretted it ever since. 
The last several years we've kept our eyes open for a 'square headlight' jeep, but they're always 4cyl, standard trans, 'baby jeeps'.  The problem is if a good deal comes up, we literally don't have a dime to spare -- all we have is this darn Reatta, we'd sure like to make an even trade!  I haven't looked at the jeep in person, but he dropped the price to 6999 -- still way more than it's worth, I agree.  But I may still take a closer look on my way home from the meeting Thursday, if it's still on his lot that is.  Just curious.   

Title: Re: Batmobiles owner needs advice ---
Post by: Pappy on August 18, 2014, 08:33:32 PM
I'm no jeep expert but I have a buddy at work who has a very nice 94 Cherokee that was literately driven by a lil old lady as it was his mom's - She passed away early this year  :(

I took some pics of it if you guys are interested
white 2 door
one owner - not counting the him
under 105k
manual trans

asking 1200 US dollars  ;)

Title: Re: Batmobiles owner needs advice ---
Post by: lsfinn1 on August 25, 2014, 10:39:22 AM
Thanks Pappy --
Wow, sounds like a great deal, If it was a wrangler we'd be all over it... ^^0^^