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Title: Automobile & Motorcycle: Photos and Blog sites
Post by: FerociousGTO on June 09, 2008, 01:20:57 PM
 AutoBlog (http://www.AutoBlog.com)
Weblog covering the auto industry with test drives and commentary on articles from other sites.

 Jalopnik (http://Jalopnik.com)
Obsessed With The Cult Of Cars

 AutoBlogGreen (http://www.AutoBlogGreen.com)
Presents automotive articles with a green angle and breaking news about green automotive technology.

 Asphalt & Rubber: (http://www.AsphaltAndRubber.com)
Asphalt & Rubber is a motorcycle news site dedicated to covering the urban and track street bike scene in the United States of America.

SeriousWheels (http://www.SeriousWheels.com/)
The Internet source for high-quality classic car pictures, wallpapers, and information. From vintage vehicles to muscle cars to modern sports cars, you'll find it here. We are constantly updating the site with new automobiles, so bookmark us now for future reference.