FS: 86 Fiero SE V-6


I was a member of this group a while back i was at a couple of the meetings .I have an 86 fiero SE V-6 the has a fast-back conversion on it .Anyway to make a long story short things have changed and i can no longer give this car the Love and Attention it deserves. So as a True Fiero Lover i feel it is only fair to put this car up for sale and let someone who can give it the care it needs and deserves .

It needs some engine work as it has been sitting for a few months now ,Battery is almost dead -though it is new -will probably need a new pair of tires for the front as they are looking a lil old .Has brand new tires on the rear less then 300 miles on them .

i think with a good tune-up she will run like a champ again ..

I am asking $1000 OBO please be reasonable as at this price i am already taking a loss but i know that i will not get out of it what i paid for it ..

You can  send me an email at charlieboy2634@gmail.com // leave me a PM here

Oh by the way forgot to give the mileage on it has right around 103000 on it Motor was rebiult at around 45,000

Very glad we had talked about the car,  even better to know that we've actually met.  I can't wait to get it to it's new home!


sold sold sold just waiting for the proud new owner to come and pick it up


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