Side mirror came off car today.  Both studs donít look like they will hold the mirror on the car.  Looking for ideas to fix the mirror.

 the simple fix is plastic steel, J B weld
make sure you have the cables in the proper place,put penetrant   mixed with  50/50 some lube on the wire penetrant & oil only move/flow down hill!
be careful to use correct angle of studs
sometime one must use a bolt ,this si so the head help anchor the bolt
with stud you may use great care & use a tap to help give security the plastic steel must have harden for a few days use care & it may be possible thread the female you create
use the maximum amount to hold
I threw fiero mirrors away a few month ago ,so their mingh be some toaster head has one
I am about to throw some stock exhaust parts away with trumpet horns
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