thursday meeting


 I have receive a letter from a uniform messenger of the U.S. Go ver ment say that my Lioness master will not be in town thursday ,so if elder memory loss does not take place I will attend the leg wetting fiero meet thursday nite ,my injuries from my beer drinking cathouse tour of asia are getting worse , the all expense paid vacation ,with the ship as my hotel ,green clothing furnish & many tours thru the mountainous jungles using the provided tents for sleeping,very few tourist get 2 week walking tours of the flora & fauna of the Co roc mountains was the dream vacation of my life,all expense paid! can U imagine the expense to keep a bunch of men on a fun mountain jungle retreat ? Free  rock climbing
 easier will be the thursday nite meeting of Fiero

can't make it ?  go tell the spartans

 the leg wetting exciting fiero meeting is on for thursday nite,is there any interest  or does the 500th run of beverly hillbillys  or the  big bang theory ,hold more alure keep me posted on the latest from windbagvelocity
it been long enough I will bring a copy of one of my legion estrangere documents for all the doubters to peruse .I have sent some out by uniform messanger of the goverment ,bad photo copy to the doubter,clean neat copy for the non interested .. I have not lived as other men I did make the marine corp far east cat house & drinking tour it was the most  interesting adventure .I met ms. keiko shinagawa as greedy a wench as I ever encountered
more important is keep the rear engine  fiero  alive! My condition is cause my Fiero to look like crap,but it is my only gas engine transportation I need it as I get uglier I am hiten 80 & don,t give a Chechen sugar cane in the snow I hate the Chechens

 is there any interest in the greatest car GM ever built ! I had a porta potti load of Camaros & they are the crapster of so many USA young men erotic dreams
 I had a Vega with a nascar SBC V 8 engine, a rocket ship,my wife tender vittle hated this 8 mpg  dragster
I did love when GM workers sabotage 100s of the sbc engines
 after much consultation with swami fartsingas  ,I am using the new explosive beans from mexico & they help keep me alive ,but every so often I go off like  the Krakatoa east of Java Volcano inside my digestive tract & the unhindered explosions shred my pink silken panties & stain my jeans brown,it sure wakes me up !
I have special needs & might have to issue a FAT WAD from the kitty litter box lord does that thing smell !


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