fiero mensa meet


 attendance has been low  do not sweat the covid virus it is crap the chinese have much worse plan just for YOU!
YUP war on the fiero ownership  to test out new weapons grade chemical germ war fare ,so take all the medication required to make your own self resemble a human being & come to the fiero meeting I understand you can not stop your addiction to Oprah ,Wendy (my fave ) drew ,ellen,the view,commie indoctrination ,the life & times of Che ? & the rest of the blabber mouth commies on talk T. V. I know real life is boring & T.V. is much more interesting so remove the cob webs from the Fiero
wendy is now on T.V. at 6 in the morning

attendance is up at the nash metropolitan meetings ,midget,s have thier short act together

    HIS royal rotunness


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