life in the slums of casselberry


 My dog has lost interest in me ?  my ex wife came by the lean to hovel I live in (what a dump " her words") on her Triumph motor bike  weeks ago & like every one I ever knew ,,he like her better than me a woman in her 60s5'8" built like brick out building with a 23 inch waist, flame red hair demure stunning looks always get the attention of men .but my dog! she was in her car so when she left the dog was in her car looking the happiest I ever saw! the flea bitten poop machine was with her he was euphoric ,, this woman should be driving a Fiero The 70 year old model I brought to a meeting years ago & one member wanted her to continue come to meeting but leave me at home ..she was a dime but tender vittles demands men look  I only let her go because wife one met her & my life desended into hell ! wife one & two together ?a dangerous mix
this has every thing to do with the meeting thursday  come to the meet while you can ,, the chinese have much worse planed for us
royal rotuness


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