uranium miners

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mutant uranium miners & fiero club meet same day!! avoid crazy brain mutants who glow in the dark,attend the fiero meeting thursday nite ,so many hate to leave the TV & comfort of home live a little arouse the fiero population strike out on your own for freedom & conformaty
 I may have located the magnificent Pontiac aztec of my fantasy dreams as all know the Aztec is one of the worlds most beautiful cars
 royal rotuness

Old Lar:
Who is going?.  I have a 75 mile drive one way.

Yes, who's expected to be there.

Old Lar and I were discussing yesterday whether or not to make the "long" drive?

I've missed a few meetings the last couple of months. Been rehabbing from my neck surgery in June. Ready to venture out in the public again for at least awhile to get back in the swing of things.


I was thinking about going. I'll check in tomorrow to see who else might be there. It's been a while for me too since I last attended.

I guess we will try again next month.


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