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I paid for the renewal of the website.  $60.   I canít do this anymore.  Someone needs to take over the site and be able to keep it up.  Please message me if interested.  I will be contacting the hosting company in the next three months to remove my card info off this site.

So no one is interested in taking over the website.  From what I can see from the hosting company, if I remove my information from the hosting site without adding someone else this site will shut down. 

 :confused: I feel like Yogi Bera - it's deja vu all over again.

I can recall at least 3 times Pappy, myself, Chuck have expressed a willingness to get access to, learn and otherwise attempt to take responsibility for the Forum. It seems to die each time when no one is given the credentials to log in, make changes and otherwise assume the responsibilities.

It's beyond just paying the bills. If we all knew when the bill was due I'm sure there are plenty that would chip in $5 or $10. I have in the past.

If we're continuing to be split because of being on Face Book as well .  .  . well we've had that discussion.

There seems to be a number of folks still coming to the Forum myself included. As to Face Book I don't know because I don't have an account and don't use it.

If you want some money I'll send you a check. All you need to do is ask. If you want somebody to take it over then we need some time (hours not minutes) and some information how the site works, how to maintain it, who the hosting company is and contacts and most important a site guide for doing stuff.

What does it entail taking "keeping up" with the website besides paying the $60?
There's regular maintenance:

Approving new members, culling out inactive members. Deleting "old" posts (several times we've gone over our limits). Doing regular software updates.

Then there's freshening up appearances (maybe feature new members cars), holiday looks for the website. Maybe making better use of the calendar to keep members up to date on events, etc., etc.

The site's only as useful as we make it.

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