Back into Fieros - Well, almost.
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Habanera Hal:
Hi all! Like to introduce myself.  I've recently moved to Ocala via Houston, Ft. Lauderdale, Kansas City, and Baltimore, MD.  I was a founding member of MAFOA back in the day and while I am Fiero-less now, have owned a highly customized 86 GT, 84 2M4, and an 88 Formula in the past.  I'm now retired, living in a 55+ compound with strict HOA rules (no working on cars in driveway) but I'm looking for something to put in the garage to play with. I loved my Fieros, and am considering one to fill my tinkering void.  I'd like to get a fastback, but a v6 notch could do too. Am on a fixed income, so I need something reasonably priced and running.  I want to do body and interior work, but due to limited flexibility and the HOA restrictions, not heavy mechanical work.  If anybody has something they think I might be interested in, please drop me a line.  I will try to make it down to one of your meetings in the next couple of months if possible.  Looking forward to starting over!
Welcome to the group

Most of us are in the Orlando area but I know there are several others in the Ocala area too.
Find Lou64gto on Pennocks. He's one of them.

Hopefully we'll continue to see you in here and maybe in person sometime.
 hope to see a convoy of fiero owners from Ocala & leesburg florida ,,get together
Is there a strong Fiero community in Ocala btw?
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