35th Fiero Anniversary in Peoria
If you haven't made your plans, it's just a few weeks away!

The 35th Fiero Anniversary in Peoria

Old Lar and I are planning to drive up in his 87. Just picture it .  .  . 2 old men for a 20 hour drive in a Fiero!  :O  Got to love em or hate em!  :D

I'll take lots of pics.

Old Lar:
Should be a fun trip.  A small tool kit and big box of spare parts.  Just figuring out how to pack light for a 10 day road trip. :confused:
Old Lar:
Fun trip with Mark.  intermediate stalling issues (3x) on the trip up,where the car just died.  Waited 5-10 minutes, the car fired right up.  Swapped out ICM once we got to East Peoria.  The radiator fan died once we got to Pontiac for the museum and the car puked up a bunch of coolant. I put 5 bottles of drinking water in it and took the car to a shop that the museum said fixes their cars. 

I'm getting too old for three days of Fiero driving.  The car did manage 28 mpg for the trip.
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