July Meet Up


Don't forget
This Thursday is meeting day

Any idea for those who'll show? It's the day after the 4th?


 talk to marine corp league friend he said so many americans wish to drive thier jap heaps right into Mt, fuji ?/ WHAT of course we sang one of the old time gooner slope head  favorites
  Oh you'll wonder where the yellow went when the napalm hits the Orient
come out for good ol american car fun
 FIERO thursday

Thanks for scaring off any newbies who might have been on the fence...

Seriously, Stan is pretty harmless. Just hit in the head to many times...

mean to attract new fiero lovers,we are disappearing,it is boredom, there is no action on our site  Im dying,some one post stuff of interest ,gang do something ?? Fiero owners watch T.V rather than turn out for the meeting,not even the biggest sissy panty boi would avoid our fiero club meeting because of a gook joke
  I understand it is a military joke & the politically correct will never find it funny,under my right eye is a nasty scar, a commy  soldier try to bite my eye out, I strangle him & slit his throat,after this fun event  ,my morning got much worst,,so they are always slant eye rice eating slopes to me,my only regret I did not kill enough of them !
  this is the fourth of july,our country founded on moral & religious principles is being torn apart by the atheist & socialist the new war has started, the radio voice,s call it a soft war in a few years the atheist socialist leaders will start the 3 rd eye movement ! hope Peter fonda & sister lead the 3rd eye movement


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