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The forum appears almost comatose, which I find really sad -- I miss you guys.   :( 8|
I don't do FB often, but checked the two pages and it just doesn't feel cohesive anymore -- too scattered.  Am I the only one that feels this way? Several times the last many months I've thought about posting  something, but not sure where is the right place anymore.  So this time, instead of not posting at all, I'll just pretend the forum is like it used to be and maybe someone will see this...

I've been having trouble with the jeep clutch and did a general search for 'clutch problem' on you tube and was surprised when I found a video with Mark talking about a Fiero clutch.  :O
It was helpful, the only think wrong is I can't find part two?  :confused:   

I have a few minor things with the BatMobile still to do and am hoping someone can give me a hand one day (Mark, Chuck, Pappy, Larry...anyone??).  Nothing fatal, just lots of little things.  The balljoints and E-brake are left from when we did the frame (THANK YOU all again, especially Mark!)
I installed a tach filter (from Dickman), but the high RPM issue is still there -- so I'm back to thinking about the TCC again 8}   Also, I think my valve cover gasket is leaking..... 8|   

Hello.. Is anyone home? Where did everyone go? :(  8|  :confused:

Couldn't agree with you more (re: the Forum).

I myself have been remiss and promise to improve. I've got a number of pictures to post on recent events and will get working on them.

I don't do Facebook (don't even have an account). Your reference to the Facebook page not showing much activity I found curious. I had figured everyone was hanging out there? Guess there's a bigger problem.

Spacecoast has also migrated to Facebook and I miss all their postings unless someone sends me an Email.

With regards to your car(s) - I'm heading out to Oregon in the next couple of weeks to satisfy "grandma's" new grandbaby withdrawals! When I get back I'll make some time to wrap up you car issues. That might not be quick enough for the jeep, so give me a call if you like and let's see if we can figure out the problem there.


Hey Marc,
Thank you!!!It's so good to know I'm not alone  8| 8| 
We have a nice concrete pad now where the camper is usually parked and there's a lot more room to work during the times when Tom has the camper out of town. He's in MN now until the end of June.
I'll try to give you a call in the next day or two. Say hi to Barb for me  :)

 My marriage proposal for mrs.Chelsea charms was turn down ,darn it .she wants some one more alive  she has a web site if you want to check her out ??

 Once the head gasket is over tighten ,a common problem ,the only solution is to torque bolt even . you can use the spacer s that spread the load,they somtimes work but a new gasket may be required


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