Central Florida Club
It is time for someone else to step up and take over responsibility of duties etc for the club.  My career and other life responsibilities have left with no time to add to this club.

Things that need to be taken over:
Website domain: someone needs to takeover this an be the contact/ payer for this.
Website admin/setup to pay must likely the same person
Facebook accounts. Person needs to admin/ owner of both accounts.

Club needs to decide if they want to continue to have nonprofit set up with Fl Sunbiz. This needs to be finalized before the need of April

Both website and domain have been paid for a year and need to switched over before renewal.  I would say before September this needs to be completed.

Mitchell, as stated before... send me the info from your domain name provider, web host, etc... and others will be more than happy to step in.

Hit me up on Facebook and I can get that info to you.  I put both you and Tony admins of the Facebook pages. Once everything has been figured out you guys can appoint others to it.
So did we get renewed with Sunbiz? It doesn't look like the $60 was paid.
Sunbiz was dissolved therefore if the club wants to set it up again they donít have to pay the four hundred dollars late fee.  Plus most members wondered why it was still set up. Bank account has also been closed.
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