Bike Week 2018 - I know you've all been waiting!!
Well Peeps:

If you're one of my faithful followers you know that this time of year I celebrate BikeWeek in Daytona. This year is no different.

Now being a 25+ year Florida rider 50 degree morning temperatures don't do it for me.  :O  So biking up north Wednesday morning to watch the goings on at the Cabbage Patch it was a nippy and brisk start to the day.

Didn't seem to discourage other bikers though as the place was jumping:

Of course BikeWeek is the time to trot out that expensive iron you've been investing in.
This guy must have come in from out west. Note the cowboy motif:

This one needed to pick a color! (Just not my taste)  :confused:

Then there' Green for St Paddy's Day (another big plus this year)

This one from Iowa maybe, looks like a farm boy style:

Of course there's the popular "wide" back end look (I meant the tire)!! Sheesh  }:(

Wouldn't be complete without an Indian:

Now the Cabbage Patch is known for the Cole Slaw Wrestling and the crowds were jockeying early for the best viewing spots:

With the cooler than normal Florida March weather the ladies had to choose their wardrobes carefully in order to be stylish but stay noticeable and be warm as well:

(Well most worried about staying warm)!  :D

Beer Girls in sweatshirts weren't very stimulating for me so no pictures to show!  :(

The guys however don't have to worry so much about wardrobe. This guy hasn't changed his since the 50's!

This one still thinks it's Mardi Gras:

Note the beads:

No bike rallye is worth attending without good eats, plenty here to choose from here:

As a surprise there were some special guest appearances:

and the occasional "special" bike:

Anyway at my age I have to pace myself .  .  .

So in a while I headed back home to rest up for the next trip.

Stay tuned!

Great Pics Marc

The beer girl at the Broken Spoke and a couple at the Iron Horse this year were... um... quite manly
Nice but what happened to how women pics?!  ;)
OH, I've got more - 2 days worth.

Been busy and getting ready to travel up north. Got the pics from the Fiero weekend in Daytona as well.

I'll be posting when I get back from Ohio, stay tuned.

Marc   ;)
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