Possibly buying a Fiero GT this weekend


Well guys,

It has been a while but I have finally found a Fiero to buy. If everything goes well. I should be picking it up this Saturday. I will be the third owner with the second owner owning it since 1992. I am looking forward to bringing it to the meetings as well as start making it look really good. With me, nothing stay stock!


Can't wait to see more about it


Got it. It was not running but after doing some checks, the fuel pump was bad. I got that taken care of. I have been doing some cleaning and fixing little things here and there. I have been making a list of things that I need. List is getting a bit long but I am looking forward to bring gin the car back up to great running and looking condition.


Hopefully you got a great deal on it since it wasn't running...  :D

Let us know if you need help getting it fixed up.

 a great 3.8 is available from a former member he has sent me pictures ,info ect but I can not transfer to our -page
 his name is ryan & he is great inspirational  in our member list.
 this is a 3.8 new motor


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