CFF site to go bye, bye and security isssues?

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Hello all,

Read a comment that the site may get taken down so I backed up my build log. Notice on several of "SAFASTRO" post has advertisement for sweepstakes?

Seems like the account got hacked and/or the forum has not had security update since 2013. Just wanted to let admins know.



FYI: If you have a lot of pictures on Image Shack (I had about 400) you can download them automatically with SkyPath.

Thanks, Dave.
The biggest issue I see is that we really have no site admin. Nobody knows how to do it.

I have a little web site experience and think I could take over but don't know where to log in as Admin.

Mitchel said he was going to change my authority but I don't know if that happened.


Hey Group:

Separately I did get the scoop on some of the Facebook site issues. I'll go through some of the options when we next meet. (Don't feel like trying to type it all out here).

First priority seems to be addressing this current site and problems.

I won't be at the July meeting, heading to Ohio Thursday (and just getting back from the West Coast) (sigh, retirement is just too busy)!



Dave who?

Hey man, don't be such a stranger! Let us know what you've been up to.


Hello from the wild west! Miss you guys. Still in DFW. Ask Lincoln to tell you what I went through next time you see him.  :O


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