June Meeting
June meeting is June 1st.  I will be bringing the documents that will need to be submitted for Non Profit to be updated with the state of Florida.  The paperwork will need to be filled out with new leadership pointed by the club.   I will also bring the information to setup transfer of website to new president as well.   Refiling fee is $35.  July meeting I will not be there but will need all paper work must completed by August meeting.  If no one takes on the leadership of the club.  The club will be dissolved thru the state, website will not be renewed and the facebook page/group will be closed. 
I am planning to attend.

Who else is planning to be there to discuss the group's future?

Old Lar:
I'll be in Wisconsin at the Dells.
 I had entered notes about our june 1 meeting ,none appeared
 Lets get together tonite july 6 for the fiero meeting at publix & anthonys ,do not forget the meet tonite
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