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Mitchell posted this on FB and I'm dropping it here for CFF too.

If you enjoy Rock-N-Roll, good food or cool cars come on out. I enjoy all 3 so... I'm squeezing this one into my schedule. You should too.

Rock & Brews
Red Bug Rd / Near 417 and Oviedo Mall
Sunday, April 30 at 11 AM - 2 PM


This is a special event featuring the Outlaw Garage blower crew. They will be picking 20 of their favorite cars for the custom car parts awards. Over 300 vehicles attended last year. No registration or fee. All years, makes and models welcome.

It's on my calendar now too. I'm going to make the drive over and check it out.


Well peeps:

There was another fine car show Sunday, April 30 and I didn't count too many CFF'rs in attendance.

The show was the Rock-N-Brews car rallye:

The location was Red Bug Road in Oviedo and the place was jumpin:

Lots of cars, and I mean lots of cars:

Lots of Dodges, old school to new:

There were lots of high dollar, old school hot rod iron: (these guys have to be single)!

There were lots of cool, custom trophies to befit such a gathering:

and yes, there were some Fieros!

with equally cool Fiero owners to talk about their rides:

With all these cars parking was at a premium. Preferred parking not to be had - unless - you drove a $400k Lamborghini! Then of course you parked right up front:

old and new in a classic photo match up:

It wouldn't be a Rock N Brew show without some food, and of course "Brew". Seating was available (if you wanted to wait over an hour)! So I opted for a simple $8 beer and roamed around!

There was stuff for the kids to do. (Put them in a golf kart and don't let them out of sight)!

We were here for the cars though:

even the trailer queens:

Give me the drive em and show em kind though:

There were people to watch also, the three wise men here:

Which reminds me of a funny story I heard, actually just a rumor about our own Old Lar.

Seems he wanted to do the show. Picked his Fiero out (not the Imsa of course), cleaned her up, and when all ready drove over for the show. Problem was he came Saturday, not Sunday!

Now rumor goes he mumbled something about being retired and never really being sure what day it was! Heads up Old Lar, CFF meets this Thursday for pizza. Thatís right, find a pen and write it on your hand. No, not the one you eat with, youíll probably wash that one before Thursday.

and the usual females I stalk watch:

No one worked any harder than these lovely parking attendants:

One thing I truly enjoyed with this show was with all the great customs and high dollar vehicles, they made lots of room for the project rides:

I had to laugh when this lady drove in a true, wring out that last tenth of a second, rod. This thing was cammed so high I don't think it smoothed out till she hit 5 grand. She was having so much trouble keeping it from stalling while trying to park with those wide tires and no power anything, this good Samaritan had to help steer her to the curb:

if you can't handle it honey you shouldn't be driving it:

Of course there were the done to perfection Rods:

They looked perfect up top and underneath:

Must have been a retired rodder with way too much time on his hands:

And finally, a nostalgic look back:

Hop in this baby and go back to the 60's and pick up that machine you wished you had.

Another good one folks. You really need to get them cars out.


Great show, thanks for the awesome pics ! Was my daughters birthday party or i would have been there ! Keep planning guys ! Maybe people will get more excited when they see pics of what they missed this time.

Yep had a big wedding & i blew the LIM gasket


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