2017 Daytona Bike Week
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Well Peeps:

It's that very special time of year again, Daytona Bike Week 2017.

Friday was opening day so it was time to get my feet wet so to speak. My favorite go to place for openers, No Name Saloon:

Home of the world renowned Pudding Wrestling:

but I digress.

First up is the customary and required first day Bloody Mary:

and while this drink of the Gods contains all your daily requirements, food abounds for those who crave more.

just be careful of the silverware!   :confused:

Now many folks don't realize it, but No Name is nearly at the center of the civilized universe:

not to mention the Political universe:

But again, I digress.

Bikers from all around find it:

and tell their friends as there is much to share.

Stay tuned as I take a break from Fieros and car stuff and descend into a week of drunkenness and debauchery.

Old Lar:
So I take it, you had a good day for day 1 of Bike week. :D
Day 1 was a "slow" start (as always) but a good chance to get out and ride.

Sunday's plan to hit Main Street was moved back due to the weather. (I don't feel the urge as strongly anymore to ride in the rain)!

Tuesday looks like the next opportunity with rain chances trailing off the rest of the week, but with temps cooling down into the 70's. Should make for good riding with a climax of Saint Paddy's Day celebrations occurring during Bike Week this year. Always an event unto itself.

Well faithful followers, it's St Paddy's Day at Bike Week.

That's right, a whole week has passed! Since last Friday the weather has been cold and rainy. I decided to forego the unpleasant weather, do some house chores, and be ready for when the weather turned more favorable.

Today's the day. First stop, Iron Horse Saloon:

Lots of bikes and bikers out enjoying the weather change just like me:

The PBR mobile was on display:

as were recent remnants of the political turmoil:

Gotta love the biker world!

This young lady helped me to choose an appropriate beverage, then it was on up the road:

There was Boot Hill North, the Hog Pen, and vendors and bikes to be seen:

There was a novel take on custom bike building (not my favorite use of classic car chassis):

and more. Further North one of Pappy's favorite places, The Beaver Bar:

Sit out front, pick out a rocker and a beer .  .  .

and enjoy the action!

That guy forgot the cardinal rule of bikers - "Keep the Rubber Side Down"!
Shook up a few of us, we had to go back for another beer. Fortunately help was available!

The Miller Lite 6 - pac girls were roaming around:

and more bikes to be seen:

Prefer 4 wheels? We can help you out!

Old school choppers? Got em:

and "Old School" bikers? Got them too:

There was food:

Twisted Tea: (Another Pappy favorite)

and then on to Rudy's to wash off the road grime:

and grab a Green Beer to close out the day!

More to come

Hello again my faithful followers:

It's Saturday following St. Paddy's Day. The weather promises to be the best ever. It's time to search for the unusual and often overlooked.

First stop today is Beach Street, home to the "original" Daytona Harley Davidson store:

Bikes were lined up all along Beach Street:

There were lots of people. This poor woman needed help with a saddle bag purchase. No probs there little lady.

There were even some cars among the bikes:

There were plenty of tourists. This lady just needed help crossing the street amongst all the bike traffic:

and for the free spirits and spontaneous (aka 20 somethings), there was body painting:

The original Harley Store is no more, it's now an Indian Dealership:

With old Indians to be admired:

But to really go from "rad" to "bad" bikes you had to venture to the back:

Where's the spokes to hold those wheels on?

If you need more horsepower, how about a Boss Hoss with a V8 engine stuffed between your legs?

A 2 wheeler:

or a 3 wheeler if you don't feel confident you can balance all that weight:

Moving on from the crowds on Beach Street we head North to the Broken Spoke:

There's food:

challenging games for the hard core:

and in a bold marketing move, male beer tenders to provide some eye candy for the lady bikers:

I had to push my way through a crowd of hootin and hollarin maven biker ladies to get this shot:

Heading back South and towards home there's the First Turn.

Plenty going on there with music and drinks to attract the bikers:

and the barmaids were busy keeping eveyone watered down!

Last stop on the Saturday circuit was appropriately "Last Resort Saloon":

also nearly the center of the universe:

The weather was Florida like to break out the chique leather wear:

the music was jammin:

and parking was plentiful before the Japanese Hanging Gardens to accomodate all:

Yep a great Saturday tour. Only Sunday remains and time to hit Main Street for the close out of Bike Week 2017.

Stay tuned for the wrap up.

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