"Monster Tech Day" and Cruise In

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OK Group:

Time to shake off the holiday blahs and get back into the Fiero scene.

Been too long since some car activities and too much eating pizza. Let's get it going for 2017.

Mark you calendars, Saturday, February 25th is the date. 2manycars' place is the location.

Main Tech challenge will be the cradle swap on Bat Lady's car. I'll have the car several weeks in advance and will do some preliminary prep - removing rear fascia, taillights etc. Soaking bolts, breaking old bolts loose. Main job will be enough helping hands to swap out the cradles.

I'll do the wrap up so that day will just be for the heavy lifting.

I like Tech Days to be informative for newbies, new car owners, new members, and "old" members who don't remember stuff anymore.

With that in mind I want to go through a suspension diagnostic on my White 85 that's got the Fiero shimmies!

Also, I'm asking RPO to do a head liner refurbish demo for my 86. We removed the old, drooping headliner last Tech Day (was that last year - 2 years ago)! Anyway I have new headliner material, will get the glue and will be setup for a show and tell.

Any other projects? Bring em on.

Saturday the 25 is also Dogs R Us monthly Cruise in. I'd like a Fiero parade to drive up town for the Cruise and lunch (and maybe some beer). I'm driving my 85 daily driver so project cars and other daily drivers should show up. Show cars as well so we can have a good parade.

Mark you calendars and let's have a great day. PM me if you need address info.


Old Lar:
Time to get "dirty hands". :O

Looking forward to it

Hopefully the weather will be nice  :)

Marc I will need to get your address next time I see you because I don't remember it. 

What time you guys meeting up and for how long ? Have something to do early, but might be free later.

Tech days typically start going around 9:00am. I’ll be up and moving anytime after 8:00am, come at your leisure. (Also Pappy sometimes brings doughnuts!  :P  Pappy, you listening)?

The Cruise In at Dogs starts at 4:00pm. Most cars are already motoring in around 2:00pm or so to get choice spots.

If the weather’s nice (and I have planned it to be so  8) ) we’ll go early. Also those that want to grab some lunch there won’t want to wait around till 4:00.



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